Wednesday, November 4, 2009


With World Diabetes Day only 10 days away my goal of collecting hands is becoming more and more exciting. My group on Facebook, Helping Hands has 108 members thus far and I have 26 hands collected. This is a lot but not yet close to the goal of 100.

World Diabetes is November 14th. I never personally knew this until recently. I wonder why? I wonder if companies are doing anything to celebrate diabetes month. Do people know this is diabetes month?

I want to make it known that November is the month to celebrate diabetes. Although many diabetics out there would say every month, day, minute and second is about diabetes. November allows not only diabetics but people that support them get together and really think about this disease whether it be type 1 or type 2. I think that diabetes should be told about. I don't think that hiding this disease is going to prevent it from happening.

Can we buy products that support JDRF or other diabetes related foundations? Correct me if I'm wrong but I know a lot of other diseases that appear to have more public awareness. I shouldn't really say much because in reality I have not done research but I wish that I had known about this disease a bit more before I was diagnosed with it. I wish that people that are at high risk for diabetes or know someone with diabetes would just take time to listen and get involved.

I think this November is different from any other November I have ever experienced. Since being diagnosed people are very much aware of my dedication to providing support and involvement and if it takes me multiple Novembers to make this change known than so be it! I will work towards this goal not only in November but ever single month, day, minute and second.

All I ask is for your co-operation. I honestly can give it my all, which I try very hard to do, but in the end the support from you, friends, family and peers are what make my dream possible. I know that too someone who has not been exposed to a diabetes may find this unimaginable and pointless but too me, I see a light at the end of this and I am not willing to back down.

This November I am asking all of you. My friends, aunts, classmates, uncles, boyfriend, mother, sister, father and neighbours please work with me this month to help make a change. Diabetes has given me a reason to do more, try hard and really work towards something that many believe is impossible.

We can make it possible.


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