Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Searching for Lantus

Last night I was on the search for Lantus. Lantus is insulin that I take at night around 10:30 p.m. It's my basal insulin which I think of as background insulin. Throughout the day it constantly drips into my system to keep it moderated while before meals I take Nova Rapid which is my bolus insulin, this insulin spikes when I consume food only.

The reason why I was on the search was because I ran out. I took 20 units of Lantus at 10:30 and then threw out the pen. My Lantus pen is disposable after a certain amount of uses. After going to my fridge and peeking into the lunch bag where I keep all my insulin, I realized the only thing in there was Nova Rapid.

I am sure you can imagine how I instantly felt. I couldn't believe I wasn't prepared since I am almost always prepared when it comes to having all the diabetes stuff that I need. I often have boxes of strips just in case as well as a couple metres, and here I am with the most important thing of all missing, insulin!

I instantly panicked. I realize I could have found a pharmacy but I knew it would be a hassle since I have no written prescription and they would have to get it as well as deal with my insurance. For some reason at that moment I just needed to know I had it. Insulin is my life, seriously.

I talked to a couple other diabetics about the situation. My friend Mitch told me if worse comes to worse take Nova Rapid every hour, even throughout the night. That made me think, why didn't the doctors tell me this? You can't expect diabetics to be on top of things all the time, just because insulin is our life line doesn't mean we can't leave it behind!

I instantly thought of contacting the diabetic that I met here a couple months ago. I tried hard to get a hold of him but no luck until his friend came online and helped me out. It was midnight and I was walking over to his residence to get myself some insulin. However, despite having the same type of insulin it wasn't the pen like mine, rather a fancier pen like that of my Novalin-Pen 4. I would have to wait the next day, as in today, to go over there at 10:30 p.m and give myself a shot there. It was complicated and because of fluids probably wasn't the safest despite having our own needles.

Instead I called up my mom, and begged her to bring my insulin this morning. So thanks to her I now have some Lantus to use for tonight and the stress of it all, is gone. Like I mentioned before, stress is not good for me. To say the least I got barely any sleep and all I could think about was my insulin.

I know now, to make sure that I am always prepared but as you know just as well as I do, it's hard to stay on top of things. I find it hard just because I have so many different things right now to stay on top of without even including all my diabetes problems and gear.


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