Monday, November 2, 2009

Diabetics of the World

I've come to realize that although we live all around the world, different cities, countries and homes there is a lot that is familiar among us. We may not eat the same food or have the same morals but there are people out there that share our battles and triumphs.

I learned this through diabetes. It seems when I was first diagnosed or I should go back to when I first started having symptoms of diabetes, I thought I was all alone in this world. I was the only one who had to use the washroom every half hour, the only one who lost weight without complete reasoning and the only one who felt alone and scared.

It first occurred to me that I wasn't alone when I got the chance to sit down with Chloe Steepe ( founder of Connected in Motion.) After hearing her story of how she was diagnosed I felt as if she was telling my story. This happens all the time now, someone will talk to me about diabetes and it's like we instantly know each other. There is a connection between us, and it doesn't matter that we may be 1000 of kilometres away from one another.

I am sure this relates to lot of different things not only diseases but interests and hobbies. However, having diabetes is scary and you often feel like this is a battle you just can't fight alone. "When will my sugars be normal," "Why do I have to give myself insulin!" "I'm sick of this disease!"

When you realize that there are people out there, so far from you, that are following different laws, living in a different manner than you but they are completely on the same path as you, it's amazing.

Support is absolutely the biggest part of having diabetes. It seems every diabetic I meet is amazing. Okay, that's bias but truly. Type 1 diabetics, to me, know that there is a cure out there. They are willing to do more than sit and pout. We take action and try hard to fight this disease that has changed all of our lives in many different ways. Diabetics stick together. We are a team. We don't let diabetes tell us when our end is, we fight for every second.

To me, being diabetic is more than a label for announcing my disease. Being a diabetic is part of who I am. All around the world, there are these people, diabetics. They live in all parts of the world, they have different morals and values, diabetics are diverse. Yet we all can come together and make a change, how beautiful is that?


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