Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Passing By

It is crazy to think of the number of people that flash before us daily, monthly, yearly. Of course we always see the same people, the people we know and have known for awhile but think about those people that pass by us, hold the door for us, even the people that you happened to be waiting in line in front of.

These people each have their very own unique story in some how become part of your own unique story. They become a part of your memories perhaps, you may forget them but you may have learned something from them. If you liked their hair colour, maybe you tried it, if you overheard their joke maybe you told it. I think everyone we meet makes an impact on our life, whether tiny or huge.

There are many people in my life that have made an impact on me. Some impacts are minuscule while others are enormous. Some people in my life have left, but leave a scar. It doesn't matter what you think of a person, how much you know about a person, they will always be a part of who you are today.

On March 13th I was past by a lot of people, I saw a lot of faces and overheard a lot of conversations. Pretty typical, anywhere we go this happens. I happened to be in three specific places that day. First I was at home. I was sitting on the couch, the love seat, on the right side. The phone rang, it was the nurse, I needed to go to the doctor's office.

I can recall yelling to my mom. I don't think I saw her just before I got into my car and left. I remember walking into the office, telling the secretary that I had received I call. I was put in the waiting room, for hours. Back and forth, back and forth, from room to room. The room was a baby room, there was a scale to weigh a baby, pictures of children on the walls, a chart I remember reading about what your baby should be doing according to age. I met a doctor that day, I don't remember his name.

A nurse there, whom I've met many, many times often peeked in and out on me. I was in tears, but no one ever offered a hand or help. The doctor acted as if I wasn't in too much of a serious situation. Those others in the waiting room I assume went home after their appointments. I went home too . . . to pack.

I only remember one specific person in the waiting room in Emerg. at the Brantford General Hospital. I assumed she was a drug addict, she looked burnt out, aged and gone. She was sitting behind me with wrapped arms, spaced out and shaking. I don't know what ever happened to her.

I can recall going into a smaller room, a lady checked my blood pressure and then I was sent into a bed in the actual emergency room. I remember a black Christmas like ball in front of my area, I can't exactly remember but I think it was number 6.

A nurse was there, her name is Katie. She walked into the area I was in and told me that she didn't mean to step on any toes but if I was interested I could look at a website. This moment happened to be a changing moment in my life. The website was Connected in Motion. If you have followed my notes, you know very well, that Chloe Steepe is the founder of this. Chloe Steepe is someone I look up too. I owe so much to Katie, and I never had the chance to tell her just how much she had changed my life from that point on. I had no idea that the simple task she did was going to change me. I finally after 8 months got to thank Katie last night.

After my parent's left the hospital, Clinton sat with me until I was transferred, his attempt on leaving failed, as I balled my eyes out saying, "Don't leave me here." We still joke about the people that we heard around us that night. The lady who constantly said, "hello, hello, hello!" to herself and a man who was telling his sick mother about all the spicy food Popeyes has. These people will always be a part of me, those their impact small. They are a memory Clinton and I share.

Once I was in my room, I remember the old lady that I shared the room with Marie. She was a sweet lady who kicked out my guests a few times or so. When I was first in my bed and didn't know who was beside me, I instantly thought back to the drug addict. I was scared she was beside me the entire night.

There were so many people that have made an impact on my life. The point I was trying to make is that, we pass by so many people each and every day. We don't always think about how much they are making an impact. We don't really think about what their story may be. We honestly don't have the time or the energy to hear them all, to think about them all, but we can try.

I want to just take a second to thank Katie. A job is a job, but when you go beyond in order to help, it's beyond amazing. Such a simple gesture has changed me so much. Thank you Katie.


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