Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Words

After celebrating a wonderful World Diabetes Day, I am proud to say by midnight last night I successfully reached my goal of 100 hands for Helping Hands.

It was such a great moment to know that I reached a goal that at times I thought would be extremely difficult. Although the group is still open and I still welcome more hands, I want to thank every single person who put their hand up.

I know that it seems like a simple deed, a hand is just a hand. To me, your hand is support. Each hand that is posted, 104, means something different to me and to many other people. Some people posted their hand with their love ones in mind and although it seems like simple words written across hands of many different shapes, sizes and colours, behind them has a strong meaning, memory and feeling.

I think this project was especially important to me because when you are living with a disease, illness or just going through hard times, it's nice to have a hand. For any day of the week where you feel as if the world is against you or that you're the only one, all you have to do is glance through the hundred hands and realize you're not alone.

I guess some people don't understand my philosophy or why certain things are important to me, and I respect and understand that. It isn't for everyone but it's definitely for me.

My World Diabetes Day will never be forgotten, it will be a day that I will always celebrate.


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