Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This isn't a Picnic!

When life gets busy it isn't easy to take control of our diabetes, of course it isn't that hard to pull out our insulin pumps dial up some insulin and go on our ways, or check our blood sugar on the moving bus or as we are walking to school, but the part that gets me every time is that fact that when I am hungry, or if I have no time to grab a snack, that matters unlike any other person, I really do need to find food.

The signal of a rumbling tummy is enough to give you an idea that you might be heading towards a 5-6 range, which will signal you to eat something, for most in a busy situation they can put off grabbing that sandwich and continue working, but for diabetics that sign is something you need to listen too before it is too late to ask for help.

Last month I was waiting at the bus stop and thought to myself, "An average person is just hungry and can do whatever they want with that message, but for a diabetic, it is a whole different story."  As diabetics we aren't able to skip a meal and if we do, we are having to make adjustments to our insulin.   One of the most annoying things about being diabetic in a crowd of non-diabetics is that taking breaks or at least breaking open a granola bar during a project is going to happen.   Like myself, I know that diabetics wish they didn't have to take the time to think about this.

Carrying food at all times seems like an easy thing to remember, but I find myself driving back to Brantford without a snack at hand or going for a walk with my friend without anything to give myself if I were to go low.    It isn't that we want to go face down, but we simply forget to bring all the extra baggage that diabetes wants us to travel with.    It's bad enough that we have to wear our insulin pumps and carry our meters, and now to find a snack to go with it -  this isn't a picnic!

Being prepared is a task  that you have others to remind you about.  For me at least, my friends are always reminding me to grab a snack, or they have something on them.   I heard stories of friends having supplies on hand for their friends in case of an emergency.  Having that support system is what will keep you on your feet.



  1. My college friends are amazing because they always ask if I have my emergency bag which has the handy snack and all other pump stuff and even extra strips. Some even carry some skittle fun packs for safety.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Kayla! Going out for a walk or a bike ride isn't as simple as it should be. We try to bring along tablets and snacks in case our daughter should go low. Let me tell you, there were times that I was glad we had the supplies on hand. I would hate to think of what could have happened otherwise.

    Bottom line, like you said, it is not a picnic!