Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Talk that D-Talk

A group of T1's from Western/Fanshawe for our BBQ 
It isn't ordinary that you would have multiple diabetics in a classroom,  but in my case it just so happened in my English class this year at Brescia (a UWO campus.) Being a King's student I didn't take any other classes elsewhere until I was told to take an English class to help with my English major.  After being directed there, sitting in the classroom of fifteen or so strangers I realized that two definitely were going to be my friends by the next class, and that was because they were diabetic.  (You may remember the post about this!)

Of course now these two girls are my friends and now that the semester is over we laughed about all the conversations we had throughout the year about having diabetes.  We assumed that everyone around us must have picked up on the idea that we were diabetic as we discussed random numbers and pulled out our meters and insulin pumps, but at the same time we began to wonder if they had caught on or not, or maybe they were still trying to figure out why we would always come to class, 'high.'

It all goes back to when we were talking about how long our tubing was, as we stretched our insulin pumps across the row, comparing them and making jokes that only diabetics and people who know and love diabetics would get.    That is when the teacher gave us a strange look, examining for a few seconds then chuckling quietly saying, "Ahh Pacemakers"  at that point the three of us didn't correct him like most diabetics do, instead we laughed and text each other, "ahh pacemakers."  

We realized that we must have came into the class a dozen times proclaiming that we were high or that we had to take a shot, or that we were feeling low.   The diabetes talk was endless in that classroom, comparing numbers, giving each other juice boxes and talking about the type 1 meme page that I had created.   As others tried to listen in, possibly participate, but found themselves just smiling and nodding as I said, "I must have bolused five times today and I am still high!"  and my type 1 friends replying with, "did you try upping' your basal?"

It's times like these were for once we are having the 'normal' conversation in the classroom, and obviously it sounds interesting to an outside ear! But then again, if I heard someone was always coming to class high and had two other friends that often felt the same way, I would be likely to listen on in as well!



  1. Ah, pacemakers! How cool would it be if pacemakers could bolus...deliver a few extra pulses all at once...deviating from its normal rhythm to make the heart beat like a drumroll. (Sorry, that statement got my mind wandering...)

  2. oh kayla!!! haha!! this made me feel all warm and fuzzy!! <3