Monday, April 16, 2012

Giving Credit

Our tasks as diabetics can be a little mundane, we are constantly doing the same thing over and over again without realizing that we have been neglecting ourselves. Yes, of course we are checking our blood sugars, pressing buttons to release insulin, lifting our shirts up to give ourselves injections and relying on ourselves to know if we are feeling 'low' or 'high' but at the same time when do we stop and give ourselves some credit for keeping ourselves alive.

Being diabetic isn't a job you sign up for, but once you've entered the world of diabetes you quickly find out that the job is one without benefits or time off.   I often see on mothers' and fathers' of diabetic childrens' Facebook pages, their occupation is listed as 'pancreas.'  As funny as it sounds, it is incredibly true and to be honest all diabetics could be listing their occupation as a full time, never resting pancreas.

Earlier this week a young diabetic told me that she had guessed carbs and ended up having a great blood sugar afterwards and she was proud of herself. It was at that moment that I pulled out my iPhone, went into notes and wrote, "give yourself a pat on the back."  So, likewise I wanted to write about what I meant when I heard that and what it meant to me.  So before I continue on, please grab your right or left hand and pat yourself on the back for as long as you need be.

I have lived with type 1 for three years now and as much as I embrace my diabetes I have never really thought, "wow I am doing a good job at managing my diabetes"  although I have highs and lows frequently (there is that misconception that insulin will provide you with perfect days...) I know that sometimes - not always, I am trying the best that I can.   The reason I don't say that I am trying my best all the time is because other things get in the way and as long as I am taking insulin I know that I can survive another day even if I do hit a few rocky patches along the way.

I know I have wrote about this before and I really do want to emphasize it for not only everyone else, but for myself. Too often we are so busy being pancreases that we don't give ourselves a raise (after all we are our own boss in this business.) Sometimes we need to just relax and know that what we do takes a lot of time and effort and thus far we have done an excellent job.

So, don't be afraid to reach over and give yourself a pat on the back, or a smile of success.  Diabetes is hard work and the fact that you are alive here today shows that all the work and effort you have put into managing your diabetes has paid off thus far!



  1. Great post Kayla! We all (diabetics and parents of diabetics) need to give ourselves a lot of credit for what we do every day.

    There will always be ups and downs in diabetes management. There will be good A1C's and bad A1C's. If you fall off the horse, just get back up and keep riding.

    As a parent of a diabetic, I try to give myself that pat on the back as often as I can.


  2. You are so right Kayla. I know I never take the time to say good job to myself. I am usually mad at myself for a number that popped up asking how I let that happen. I forget that I did not ask for or cause this disease and it is hard to control. So now when a high or low pops up I am not going to get upset at my number instead I am going to say "you know what good try."

  3. I do, actually, feel proud of myself when I have a good day - particularly when it involved some particularly tough food choices and carb counting. But perhaps I feel this way because, for me, correcting a low or a high is not the exception, but the norm. Getting it right can be really gratifying (if not unsettling -- knowing that the numbers are bound to be "off" sooner or later!)

  4. Great post Kayla!!! We try to let Rayna do as much as she wants to do, to manage her T1D (with help and support from us, of couse). But when she counts her own carbs or figures out her bolus correctly (or rather before her dad or I can) at only 8 years old, then it's time to party (which I must tell you has been more often since your visit), but I personally have never given myself a pat on the back for getting her as far as she has came or for just managing it myself. I remember the last 2 appointments at DEC I was told I was doing a good job and for a split second it felt good but then real life set in and I was mad at myself for her bad A1c or the just high's we've been battling. Thank you for opening my eyes just a little more to see that as long as my baby girl is still alive I am doing the best that I can, which in turn means I am doing a good job. And I will give you the biggest pat on the back not only with doing a great job with yours, but for being an insperation to Rayna myself, and many others out there. As well as being Rayn's favorite T1D friend. You are an insperation to us all, Thank you.