Friday, April 13, 2012

Healthy is Delicious

Betty Lou's Inc. Goodies!

I've always had a sweet tooth since I was young and being diagnosed with diabetes wasn't a result of that; however, it is a challenge to balance good blood sugars and a sweet tooth.  Living almost nineteen years without type 1 diabetes I found myself not willing to adapt my lifestyle and eating habits all that much.   I cannot simply just stop eating the good food I ate throughout my childhood and teenage years.

For the first couple months of being diagnosed everything was strict. I was told how much to eat and when to eat, but eventually the seatbelt of diabetes was unclipped and I was allowed to explore it on my own. Soon I was adjusting my own insulin and back to eating how I normally ate before.  It felt good to know that living with diabetes isn't a restraint and that me and Reese cups would meet again.

Recently I was sent a wonderful selection of bars and goodies from Betty Lou's Inc. I am not one to wander in the organic isle; however upon, that 6 months diabetic probation (or what it felt like to be..) I did enjoy some organic cheesies, but otherwise, I had not tried any of the alternatives out there.  The bars and treats that were sent to me looked delicious first off and although most are labeled Vegan or Gluten free, I was willing to try them all out and hopes of finding something that tasted just like any other bar but MUCH better for you.

Angell Crisp Bar
Now, I haven't attempted to try every treat, knowing that I will be laying on the beach in Dominican in 17 days, I picked one to try today and that was the Angell crisp bar.   The reason I picked this one first is because I LOVE chocolate and most of all milk chocolate.    This bar is milk chocolate with a crispy chocolate centre and a couple things to be noted, it is fair trade, organic, gluten free and doesn't contain corn syrup!    This bar was a decent size (about the size of a granola bar) and contained only 24 grams of carbs.   The best part about it is that it tasted just like a chocolate bar, not even a granola bar, like a real, delicious, chocolate bar!   

To my surprise while I was snacking on it, I wasn't thinking, "I can totally tell this is healthy for me..."  in fact I was SURPRISED that I was eating something that was gluten free and enjoying it.   I look forward to trying out the other snacks and hope that they are just as good as the Angell bar!  


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