Sunday, April 8, 2012

Out of Whack

Unless you are snacking on the Easter Bunny's favourite treat, chances are your blood sugars were a little out of whack today. Like all the other holidays, it's hard to find the balance between decent blood sugars and enjoying your time.  Everyone wants to try a cookie or two, a chocolate egg and a handful of jelly beans, and even though ideally it seems easy to just press a few buttons to cover it, it isn't always as 'easy' to press those buttons.

I often give myself a break during holidays, while I know I should be the best pancreas all the time, it's tiring being a pancreas.  I enjoyed myself today and tomorrow I will indulge in dinner at my house for Easter.  I know that the blood sugars are riding a wave right now, and even my pump tried to call it quits when it pulled out of my skin and hid in the couch.  

The good thing is that holidays are spread out, so we don't need to worry too much about being a slacking pancreas.   But, I hope other diabetics are doing the same thing out there. Giving themselves breaks (still giving insulin and checking blood sugar) but, not worrying about highs as much and letting themselves indulge in some good treats from the Easter Bunny - after all that's what correction boluses are for....right?


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