Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy, Laughing, Alive

Medtronic Pink Mio Infusion Site 

There comes a point when you just need to rock the insulin pump site that you have to wear. It is stuck to you 24/7 and as much as you can unhook your pump, it is not as easy to just take out a site, when you don't feel like wearing it (plus a huge waste of money!)  So, the only thing you have to do is just know that like the freckles on your shoulders and the dimples on your cheeks, your site is a beautiful part of you!

Why adore your site?   Besides the fact that you have to wear it, just remember that, that little white patch and tubing is saving your life. With a constant drip of insulin, you are able to stay happy, laughing and alive.  It may not be the most beautiful thing in the world, but some how we have managed to accept that brown mole on our leg, or that one crooked tooth we have. We find ways to find beauty in the things that make us unique, and there is nothing wrong with looking at your insulin pump site or pump for that matter, in the same light.

I recently decided to try out a pink site, rather than the clear ones I had used since pumping.    Everyone laughed at how excited I was to be able to wear a pink site, my happiness was probably equal to when I got a pink cover for my Macbook Pro, either way, I was happy to tweak something that I have to wear, and make it just how I wanted because I knew that it isn't an option to get rid of it, unless I was to consider going back on multiple daily injections. 

I love having a pink site and besides the fact it has the smallest tubing in the world (18 inches) I have found it perfect for me.   I enjoy my site, and will gladly show anyone who wants to see my beautiful pink site, that keeps me happy, laughing and alive each day. 



  1. 18 inches?! You're right that is short! I like arm sites with my pump clipped to my waistband and I don't think even for short little me that would be enough tubing.

  2. Hey Kayla
    I was talking to a friend and we r really annoyed about how expensive pump equipment is
    Especially for students
    Or makes us change less frequently and reuse lines etc
    Was wondering if you will write a blog about it ;)