Sunday, April 1, 2012

Don't Worry

Letter to Emma (7) from a friend in her class - Had to Share! 
When we are teenagers we feel like certain things we enjoy (that maybe our peers don't)  is not 'cool' or not worth sharing in a conversation circle.  Those who enjoy reading books are seen as nerds and those who volunteer every sunday handing out warm meals are seen as nerds as well.  What is it about youth, young adults and some older adults that we feel like the most important things that we do, the things that make us truly happy are some how embarrassing or not 'cool'.

It's all really a myth, because once you open up to someone and share what you love, the response is enormous.   Most people my age (21/22)  do not do what I do.    I have realized that I am different than most people my age, I am the same in the ways that I attend University, have a boyfriend, social life, enjoy movies, candy and sleeping in -  but there are a million things about me that are different and outstanding.  But, this is just how it seems, not how it truly is.

I know that everyone has something unique about them that they could share and grab the attention of at least a handful of people.  Everyone has that silly talent or outstanding interest that would make a good read.  But, like I said, so many people are embarrassed to stand out and show the world that, "hey, sometimes they like to sit down and knit, and yes they're 16 years old, but who cares!"

We are all incredibly different even though we are all sporting iPods and Ugg Boots. We all have something different to share in the world and even if you just can't wrap your head around the world, at least share with the people we spend the most time with.  It's important to live each day doing something that makes you smile, instead of worrying so much about what others will think of you if you were ever to tell them you call your Grandmother on a daily basis just to chat.


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