Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meter Mix-Up

There are so many different meters out there in the diabetes world. Constantly companies are pushing out, smaller (rather than bigger) and better products that will make diabetes easier.  The good thing about the whole competitive world of meter-making is that as diabetics we have a wide variety of options to choose from, so if we are looking for a meter with small strips, we can find that, or if we are looking for something that can connect to our computer, that is out there too.

In a way it makes me wonder if there is TOO much choice in looking for the perfect meter, or is it true that we just use whatever we got free.  Do people really buy meters anymore?  As diabetics we spend so much money on strips and insulin, searching for free meters seems like the best and easiest thing to do. Pharmacy's are dying to give away their new meters with intentions on you coming back the next month to purchase four boxes of strips.

But, when it comes to choice, although we are bombarded with a ton of similar versions of the 'ideal' meter, I find that most diabetics are really tweaking the meters on their own. Adding pretty purple cases and the big choice of what pricker to use.  The meter isn't good without a drop of blood added to it each day, a few times or more.   So one of the most important aspects to a meter is what lancet device it comes with.    

I have found that more and more people are mixing companies, loving a lancet from one company, but choosing a meter from another.  It is all about how it feels on the finger tips, and what is easier to carry along with you.   Personally, I like something small and simple, while others like something bigger that contains more lancets so they don't have to change it as often.  It is all a matter of personal choice.

So, it's a matter of fact that no company is able to cover all bases for everyone.   Diabetics are customizing their daily tools in order to fit their own needs and there is nothing wrong with that.



  1. I just wish all the companies would allow the meters to connect to Linux computers and not just windows and mac. I don't use the windows Operating System but Mint, which is one version of Linux. I can't connect my meter to my computer because of this.

    I also want a BIG meter, I HATE the small ones. I like the one I first used back in 1984.

  2. I'm a mix-and-match girl. I use OneTouch test strips because they are free on my insurance. I use a MultiClix because it is the best lancing device in the world!