Wednesday, November 30, 2011

and I'll eat the cookie too!

Some may suspect that being diabetic I must live a super healthy life.  Eating vegetables at every meal and sticking to low carb food choices. Well, thank you for those who believe this because if you really knew what I was eating you would probably be trying to get a hold of my doctor a.s.a.p.   Because, while I am a diabetic, I am also many other things and all the other things require me to enjoy life, unfortunately, so the whole diabetic thing just tags along - I guess I make being diabetic enjoyable.

At my age (21) I know a lot of girls that are constantly worrying about what they eat and how much fat and carbs food contains and really I've been carb counting for the past 2.5 years and if I wasn't diabetic I'd be so happy to not have too. I see food as something that will make my blood sugar go up.  No matter what it is, I look at it with an evil eye and know that if I don't do something besides chew it - I am bound to be feeling horrible later on and not because it had 3000 calories, but because it raised my blood sugar.

I can't really imagine looking at food before being diagnosed. I don't know if I really thought about what I was putting in my mouth or what I was making my body do in order to deal with the food.  I guess we don't think about our body parts much unless they aren't working.

For me, I still enjoy food. I eat cake, pizza, muffins and cookies.   I guess that is one of the biggest misconceptions, people think I am limited as a diabetic. Sadly I know more non-diabetics that avoid cake than diabetics that avoid cake.   It's simple though, yes as diabetics we look at a slice of cake as maybe 60 grams of carbs and 6 units of insulin, but we also appreciate that cake.   We eat the cake and no that we have got our body under control.  Maybe we are all imagining that insulin subtracts wouldn't that be nice.

Either way, I am not sitting at home munching on carrot sticks and lemon spiked water for three meals, nor am I eating crumbs of birthday cake for desserts or one chocolate chip that has fallen from your chocolate chip cookie.    I am diabetic and I'll eat a loaf of banana bread and chances are, I'll eat that cookie too!


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