Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Speedy Low Syndrome

I am not sure if this is a common side effect of going low, but for me it seems to be the highlight of all my lows. The feeling that I am in a rush and that everything in my life needs to be completed in a matter of seconds and one of the missions is to find food and not just any food, but the best food, the food you don't even have let's face it.

I feel like I am on speed and honestly I have never done speed so I am just assuming that it would have similar effects. It's like my body is going 100 kilometres an hour and despite psychologically knowing that I don't need to rush since there is no time limit on life in general I still want to do everything as fast as I can and everything that I am doing or trying to do is really unnecessary at the moment. I am going to go ahead and call it "The Speedy Low Syndrome" because we all know that no non-diabetic doctor knows what we are talking about and will then in turn never have a chance to give it a creative name like I just did.

To be honest, right now I am in currently feeling the Speedy Low Syndrome and it is really making me get this blog entry produced fairly quickly minus the fact that I am doing a whole slew of spelling errors and feeling 'frustrated' having to right click and find the correct spelling.  Another symptom of the Speedy Low Syndrome - bad grammar and spelling (please feel free to use this excuse next time your professor hands back a bad grade on your Essay due to spelling errors...)

I really do hope there are other diabetics out there that feel this rush and sense of anxiety when they are low.  Really my brain is going out of control, "I want chips, 1 or 2 handfuls, I want Marshmallows, I hope there is Marshmallows left, where is that chocolate? Ugh I wish I had chocolate. I am glad I am getting pizza tonight, but why does it have to be tonight why not now? I think it's a good time to count my money, oh wait I should write in my blog, oh! what's happening on Facebook? Oh my gosh, is that who I think it is? Wait, do I have chocolate milk? No, no, okay is my cellphone dead?"

I know that all the diabetics right now are probably nodding their head, someone has to be agreeing with me right now and for all the non diabetics that are reading this you probably are wondering how any diabetic that is low ever pulls through - but we do! Oh yes we do!


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