Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feeling Good

Since my sugars are all over the map during the day I often wonder what it is like to just feel 'good' or if I feel 'good' what is my range?   Because even though doctors say that when your blood sugar is between 5-7 you are within a good target sometimes even though we are now at a 6 we previously an hour ago were at a 15, so that 6 doesn't feel 'good' rather we are experiencing headaches or grumpiness to get really medical.

There are some parts of the day that I feel better than others, but for the most part I wouldn't say that 100% of my day is spent on cloud 9.  Sometimes I just know that diabetes is causing my day to be full of drowsiness, cloudiness and overall crabbiness.   I know that everyone in the world has these days, but just relating back to diabetes is it possible to just feel great 100% of the time... is the only solution to watch our blood sugars 24/7 and make adjustments every minute?

I think this also links to how we feel doing daily tasks or even exams to be specific.   If we go into an exam at a 7 are we more likely to succeed instead of going in at a 12 or higher.   Sometimes the stress of having to do an exam can really take your diabetes control out of your hands.  

Either way it makes me wonder what feeling good (mentally/physically) is all about.


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