Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today in Personality Psychology we discussed happiness.  Which really instantly made me think about my blog because not only does it project my happiness, but it makes others happy as well.  At the same time I received a Facebook wall post from a fellow diabetic friend that wrote: "I love reading your blog so much. You are such an awesome writer. Just thought I would let you know"  To me, that shows that what I am doing is not only making me happy, but making others happy as well.

Happiness comes in such a wide variety of forms and way to often we hear about people saying their ultimate happiness would be if they won the 5 million dollar jackpot. But we all know that with that we would have friends and long lost family coming out of nowhere to borrow your money and if you didn't share your money with the poor or donate to charitable causes you would be labeled. Either way I don't think the whole lottery thing would bring complete happiness, but I don't doubt that you would most definitely would be happy. 

For me, I find happiness around me every single day. I have horrible days of course, but there are simple things in life that make me happy. Like on Mondays when Vince picks me up from school or when someone compliments my shirt.  These little things that don't require me to buy a lottery ticket or get 100% on an impossible exam.

Despite having diabetes I have learned to adapt to my disease and more so make it apart of my life; rather than letting diabetes take over my life.   I have gotten used to sitting on a hard piece of plastic for three hours or digging through my backpack for the 'three amigos'   more or less I have made diabetes apart of my happiness.   I would never, ever say that I am ill or not well and with that I think that accepting diabetes as a part of me and not as a disease I have caught I can  gain so much happiness from just that. 


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