Friday, November 25, 2011

Fanny Pack Kids

Most diabetics are not surrounded by other diabetics.  They spend their days filled with 5.5'ers who eat whatever they want without consequence and the only thing that is attached to them is their cell phone.   Diabetics are living with their boyfriends who can polish off a pizza and fall asleep right after, or living with roommates who can skip lunch because they don't feel like eating.

This isn't a bad thing, because I can't imagine if two diabetics got married and had to live with one another constantly not knowing who is beeping and my biggest question, what happens when you both go low and there is only one chocolate bar left? Everyone knows that a low diabetic isn't willing to share at this point.   I just think the whole thing would cause major marital problems in the long run, but I am sure there are people who manage.

Either way, most diabetics are spending their time with people who don't really know what is means to be diabetic.   As diabetics we are always kind of like the kid that has to wear the fanny pack to school in movies - the one with all the medication and gear.   Everyone is always worried about us, whether or not we ate before we left, or if we should check our blood sugar. 

But, every now and then we get a chance to hang out with the cool kids (obviously I am talking about other diabetics)  and soon the kid with the fanny pack has now multiplied and no one is asking the obvious questions and getting tangled with door knobs is a normal daily occurrence for everyone. 

Everything changes when diabetics unite because ordering diet coke is an obvious choice at a restaurant, searching in your purse for the meter, poker and strips is normal, and feeling random vibrations in your back pocket or bra is just apart of life.      

But both diabetics and the 5.5'ers are what makes the world go round' - but we all know those 5.5'ers secretly want to be 16.9'ers. 


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