Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Many of us pay for our education, we pay to be taught things we would otherwise probably not have picked up anywhere else.  We learn things sometimes that make us nod our heads, while other things float in one ear and out the other.  As much as education through schooling is important there are so many life lessons hiding in the little cracks of life.

Life lessons are simple in nature, but complicated in so many ways.  I don't know how many times in my entire life I have questioned why something has happening to me or asking why I deserved something.   Hopefully everyone at this point is nodding their head - agreeing with me.     At every age we go through these little life lessons from learning that that boy wasn't worth it in grade six or that one day you will grow boobs, so don't worry about it... (thank's for that life lesson, life.)

Every time we are worried about something it seems like the end of the world. We think that it can't get any worse and that we don't deserve what is happening to us.   I've learned that if we really read in between the lines of what is happening we can find the good and realize that once the issue is dealt with that is when the good comes out and that is what we deserve.

I have taken all the life lessons I have learned thus far and from that I have gathered a good understanding of the meaning of being positive, staying calm and being patient because I know that the life lessons I have gained have made me the person I am today.


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