Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diabetes Picked Me

After getting interviewed by the Gazette the journalist said something that really sparked a light within in me, "I guess you didn't choose diabetes - diabetes chose you."  I have kind of dwelled on this idea for a couple days now thinking of how it really applies and what it really means.  

Before diabetes I was pretty typical.  I didn't really do anything out of the box even though deep down inside I knew I had potential.  I always thought to myself - I wish I had something unique about myself that I could share with others. Of course, now telling this there is no proof that I felt this way.    Even sitting in elementary school hearing the names read out on the attendance list - the last names sounding so unique and extraordinary in some way and then mine was unique.

I know now looking back that I've always been unique because every person is unique in their own way.  I didn't see it then and to be honest it wasn't like I had a whole slew of life experience to share.  Now, I have a blog full of life experience and it just keeps getting longer.

So, going back to diabetes choosing me.    I think it's obvious that I didn't choose diabetes.  I didn't even know I could be a target for diabetes - I wasn't excessively heavy, nor was I older in age.   I had no idea that the shadow of diabetes crept behind me waiting to smoother me and convert me into a diabetic.

But, here I am - my life line is a plastic tube attached to 300 mL of insulin.   Diabetes some how decided that I would be one of the 300,000 others in Canada to get type 1 diabetes. I think I am slowly learning why diabetes choose me and the more I think about it - I can't imagine what it would be like if diabetes had decided to leave me alone.


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  1. That is such an interesting concept. First, I am so impressed with the couple of articles I have read here. You are so together here. Very impressive! The concept is so relevant to my son and myself.
    Joel was diagnosed on August 25,2011. Joel is an active, bright 8 year old. One night while snuggling, he rolled over and said" Dad, why did this happen to me?" A hard question especially with diabetes being so fresh to us. I ask him, do you think that Steen(14 yr old brother) would be able to do everything that you have to? You know he isnt very good with needles. Joel replied, No So, I think that God just had to give diabetes to someone. He looked down at you and said, well I have to give this to someone, I need someone who is tough and can handle this. I continued, I think that you were picked because you will figure how to deal with diabetes better than Steen ever would. He seemed satisfied with the answer and rolled over and went to sleep.
    After that impromptu answer, it really did and continues to sink in that Joel is one of the kids who could handle this. So. I do really believe in this blog post. Everyone has a destination!
    Now, Steen (the 14 yr old) 3 days after our first day, on a drive home from the hospital, looks over and says"Dad, we need to start a charity" I replied, Alright. Steen said we are going to call it Boarding 4 "Betes". Since then CDA has taken on the charity as a partner, there is a facebook page, the website is started, and there are businesses as sponsors and partner that want to participate. Pretty amazing stuff from the younger generation, YOU included. Steen's vision is to create a multi year event with other possible off-chutes to follow. Would love to communicate. Again, I am so very impressed at your initiative and wish you well.
    Most sincerely,
    Brian Hoffmann