Thursday, November 3, 2011

Talking Diabetes

One thing that I am highly educated on is diabetes.  Not so much the  medical side of diabetes, more so the everyday things that diabetes brings (stuff that no doctor or nurse could ever explain unless they in fact were diabetic themselves.)    The one good thing about being so knowledgeable about my diabetes and being very aware of what diabetes is all about is that when people ask me questions (because everyone asks me questions about my diabetes) I can give them clear, truthful and good answers.

More and more Vince has been asking about diabetes and we've actually had really good conversations revolving around diabetes.  He really does think about it on a different level than most people I talk to do. This could possibly because he spends a lot of time with me.  I don't think he fully understands it yet. I think that what would really be beneficial is to take him to a diabetes event and expose him to my million diabetic friends.

Talking about diabetes is obviously something that I do on a daily basis just like in my blog.  But, in everyday life I often stumble upon someone who wants to know about my diabetes or something to that nature.

One thing that Vince said last night  that stood out to me was along the lines of, "I guess I never really thought about how many things you need to think about or go through during the day living with diabetes.  Like you have to worry about going low or having a high blood sugar or just feeling crappy because of your blood sugars...a lot of people don't have to think about any of this..."

It's nice to know that despite feeling sometimes like we have a 'disease' and that we are 'different' from everyone else that the people around us and that love us know us for who we are no matter what the circumstance.  Although the non-diabetics around us will never truly know what it is like, we have to give them the biggest hug to let them know we appreciate them.  After all look at what we make them go through!


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