Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Diabetic's Conversation

When two 'regular' people meet they don't say, "Hi, I'm Beatrice and I frequently have headaches," and the other person replies, "Oh, sweet, I am Dan and I also have frequent headaches."    This just doesn't happen.  No 'regular' person exposes their random aches in pains within the first five minutes of a conversation; however, if these two people were both diabetics and knew it - the conversation would seem strangely normal if they said, "Hi, I'm Beatrice and I am diabetic,"  and Dan said, "YEAH me too! How long have you had diabetes? Oh and my name is Dan."

The reason these two people would have met is probably because Beatrice whipped out her insulin pump in class while Dan was interrupted by hearing a familiar beeping noise.  Or maybe they met at some crazy function that diabetics like to throw every now and then.  It seems that diabetics everywhere are uniting (strangely this word looks like unit-ing which makes me think of a crowd of diabetics giving themselves units of insulin...)

I have found many different diabetics everywhere not all are like me, looking for somewhere to write I am diabetic, or jumping at the opportunity to share my stories. No, no there are many types of diabetics out there.

"I don't care I have diabetes - diabetic":  These diabetics aren't reading this right now. No, these diabetics are not even thinking about diabetes right now in general.   I have no problem with these diabetics because everyone has their own opinion, but let me just say this, I know a group of diabetics that really could help....okay, obviously this type of diabetic has not typed diabetes in google before so let's just let their health care team let them know.

"Divabetic": These are the diabetics that care much about their gear.   The skins and colour of pump comes before the actual technology of the pump.   Where is the pancreas you ask this diabetic?  - I don't know - she replies.      (this sounds

"OCDiabetic": This diabetic likes to check, check, check, check their blood sugar and not only check, but chart.  Check, Chart, Change, and Count Carbs.   I bet these diabetics upload their pumps like good diabetics and actually track what they eat and maybe use one of those food weigher's.

(I think I have one somewhere . . .)

"Dangerous Bete": This person is wild with their diabetes.  It's a part of their life, but they like to take risks with their diabetes. Proving that diabetes is just a disease and not a partner in crime.   This person probably has had their pump replaced a few times and a couple meters dropped down a high cliff or lost at sea.   These diabetics are wild, but as long as they are on top of things, who cares!

"In the Closet Diabetic": This person realizes that they are diabetic and have been properly informed and know when to take insulin and the whole list of what it means to be diabetic has been laid down on them, but this person does not want to talk to you about diabetes.  This person isn't like the I Don't Care I Have Diabetes - Diabetic, they do care about their diabetes, they just don't care if you know about it and if you try to talk to them about it - have fun!

"Diabetes Tell All": This person has accepted diabetes maybe not at first, but eventually they have accepted diabetes to be a part of them.  This person has so much decided that diabetes is going to be one of their highlights in their life.  These people are reading right now and probably have found themselves somewhere in another category.  But, mainly these people are willing to go out there and let the world know they have diabetes, so what?

I know it isn't possible to categorize all diabetics into these little silly names, but I am sure that all the diabetics are trying to find their place.  We all deal with diabetes in different ways and for me, all the diabetics I know are friendly and willing to talk about their diabetes, but I have encountered the ones that would rather not.

Either way, diabetes has somehow defined the lives of many of us and has changed the way we approach one another. It amazes me how we can stick one hundred diabetics in one room and somehow everyone becomes friends without judgment. (But now you will be trying to put them in a category...)


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