Monday, November 28, 2011


This weekend has been absolutely crazy from having to drive back to London for diabetes equipment to visiting the dentist about my wisdom teeth.  First off, I decided I would be prepared this weekend and pack an extra supply of pump supplies in my bag because I was going home.  To my surprise I was going to need it when the door handle decided to grab hold of my tubing and rip out my site.   So, being so prepared I put in another one, but again to my surprise this site decided it didn't want to go in properly.

So, being either a bad diabetic or a wise one, I decided to try to make it go in, by putting the site back through the needle, pressing down on the Mio capsule thing and shooting it in.  I tried it probably five times leaving blood stains on my skin - it wasn't working.

Before going into panic mode I searched my house for something that I may had left behind from the summer or the last time I visited.  Diabetes supplies seem to float everywhere, so I was crossing my fingers that something was near.  Ah-ha! I found a site - one of my silhouette ones.  I fed that one through my skin, realizing how much I hate those type of sites now and then I was set...until...  I realized that the tubing connected from the Mio does not connect with the silhouette.  Side note:  Dear Medtronic, maybe you should make all your sites connect some way or another... just in case.

So, I was back to wear I started basically, I had a site in me, a pump, tubing, but nothing could connect.  I wasn't sure what exactly what to do, I could go back to London (about an hour drive) or give myself shots of insulin all night and get Vince to grab some of my stuff from my apartment and bring it in the morning.

I decided that I wouldn't put my life in Vince's hands this early in the relationship (haha!) and my mom, sister and I took a road trip back to London at about 9:30 p.m.     By arrival time I was pretty grumpy - lacking insulin and all, and to make matters worse I was also dealing with a very, very painful wisdom tooth.

So, this was the next issue.  My bottom left wisdom tooth is coming in with no consideration about my feelings. The pain has been annoying and I haven't really wanted to eat much because it hurts so badly.  Vince brought me a doughnut last night and ended up having to break it into small pieces, so I could half enjoy the treat.

Today I got to visit the dentist and the 5 minute appointment that cost $75.00 resulted in a prescription for antibiotics and a few scratches on my car as I attempted to get out of the parking lot.   Either way, I am now in London, calming down from the crazy weekend and intending to take the quote, "Keep Calm and Carry on" to heart.


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