Tuesday, November 8, 2011

University Bound

More and more I am starting to realize how different college is from university.  In college I had more time to get my things done and really I had more spare time than I knew what to do with. Now, I have spare time, but it is what I like to call illegal spare time - meaning I don't really have spare time and I should be doing something I just have chosen not to.

In college my professors for the most part were 100% approachable and this still stands except for the 100% part.  I have some professors that are approachable while others not so much. In fact some are terrifying and I would hate to be on their  bad side and I am hoping not-so-good marks doesn't put me on their bad side.

In college my multiple tests were pretty straight forward there was none of this "which one is the BEST answer"  we either know it or not, why do we need to be challenged on it? In the real world, if someone asks us a question the answer is not going to be hidden instead we will just go onto google and search it if we don't know the answer - so let's be more practical okay?

I guess the list of differences could go on and on and there are some advantages the other way around as well such as not having to have early classes if I choose not too!  But, really when it all boils down to it, University is really difficult compared to College for me.

What does this have anything to do with diabetes you ask?  Well, basically with University I have caused myself a little bit of unneeded stress.  Being a not so stressed person (because I know it's bad for me) I have tried my hardest to keep my focus and avoid stressful situations, but I have started to realize the biggest fact of all University = poor diabetes management.... just kidding I really am not going to blame University for diabetes related problems, but it's something to think about right?

I am curious to know if University students with diabetes have a  harder time dealing with their diabetes in comparison to other students of different academic levels or those who are in the work force?


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