Monday, May 4, 2009

You're By My Side

My sugars have been pretty decent lately, I have had some highs but nothing too extreme that I couldn't handle. Once again Clinton & I ventured out to the movies, and this time I had a much different feeling when I walked into the door and was blasted with the smell of fresh popped pop corn and melting butter. Instead of feeling upset, I walked in with a smile. I knew that I couldn't eat the popcorn at the movie theatre tonight and that was okay! I was there to enjoy the movie and to spend time with Clinton.

Today Clinton surprised me with a picnic at Webster's Falls. I can't thank him enough for the time and effort he puts into every little aspect of our relationship. I can recall sitting in the doctor's office on Friday, March 13
th. The doctor had just told me that I would be spending a weekend or more in the hospital while they lowered my blood sugar and taught me how to live with diabetes. As you can all imagine, here I was sitting in a beaten cushioned chair with tears bursting out of my eyes wondering what the hell is happening?I text Clinton. He was on his lunch I had talked to him earlier, telling him I had to go to the doctors because something was up with my blood sugar. I text him, trying to explain I would be in the hospital for the weekend. I wasn't told yet that I had diabetes, and I hadn't put the pieces together to figure it out on my own. Clinton was worried and tried to find out what was going on, but I had no idea myself. I arrived at the hospital, and was put in the emergency room for several hours. Clinton was by my side the whole time, despite visiting hours ended at 8:00 p.m he stayed until I was brought to my room. Even then it took a nurse to pretty much kick him out. Every day I spent in that hospital room, Clinton was there. I never thought to this day he would be so involved with helping me. It is unbelievable how much a person can really reach out to someone who is need of a helping hand, a hug or even just a laugh. That goes for every single one of you. The comments, the gifts, hugs, and helping hands that are given to me mean more than can be expressed.


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