Friday, May 8, 2009


When I look at myself in the mirror today I can barely remember what it was like before. There are many symptoms that I faced and one of the major symptoms is weight loss. I went from a pant size of 11 to a size 4, I know that size 11 was and is not a healthy size to be and I denied that months ago. It's amazing the change my body has gone through in the past few months.

It wasn't a healthy way to lose weight, of course. I am glad though that I was in the process of becoming a healthier, better person before I was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. I was working out almost every day at the gym and I was working on eating healthy, not to say I didn't cheat the odd time or two. I was shedding pounds week by week, slowly becoming who I am now.

I gave away all my clothes that are too big. I didn't want them anymore. Despite being diagnosed with a 'disease' I knew that I was going to stay healthy and be the person that I knew I always was. It is hard to look back at pictures from last year. In a way I wonder how I didn't do anything about it.

March 13
th isn't only going to mark the day I was diagnosed but the day that I truly made a promise to myself that I deserved the best. Not only in my physical appearance but for my mental health. I will not let anyone push me around, put me down or step in the way of my dreams.


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