Friday, May 29, 2009

Food, Food, Food

Most of my friends ask me how I could possibly avoid eating a box of timbits or turn down a bag of chips. The point is, is that most of my friends couldn't even imagine themselves having to turn down a chocolate covered strawberry or a large pizza. In my case I've managed to learn how to resist the urge of a hot fudge sundae but that's not to say I don't want it.

At first all I could think about was food. I knew that I could only eat a certain amount of carbohydrates each day and that eating a full slice of cake was going to leave me barely enough carbs to eat supper. I learned how to manage what I ate and what made me feel full enough until lunch or until supper. I am still learning till this day what really fills me up and is satisfying as appose to something that tastes good but will leave my stomach growling for food in half an hour. Since I have only had diabetes for just over two months now I have not fully experienced what it's like being a diabetic in the summer, on my birthday, in college, at Thanksgiving or even at Christmas.

Last summer I can remember how much I ate. If my friends and I went to the beach we packed subs, candy and pop. If we were having a pool party on a hot summers night there were fruity drinks, chips and dips. All of these things seemed normal to throw in my mouth without thinking. Now it will be different. Yes I can eat, subs, chips, candy, fruity drinks, dips and pop but in moderation. I must realize that all of these things will raise my blood sugar and can be dangerous to my health.

Nothing is out of the question, but everything must be questioned. Instead I will have to learn from my mistakes, if I eat that candy and don't take enough insulin I will be high or if I eat that candy and take too much insulin I will be low. This first year is trial and error and hopefully I am successful.

I ultimately think that all my friends could be diabetics. It just takes time and adjusting. You realize a whole different aspect of food. You really admire healthy food and you become more aware of your body and what gives you energy and what is just wasting space. I've realized how important healthy eating choices are and that every now and then treating yourself to a treat is okay.


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