Monday, May 4, 2009

Children's Knowledge

I was babysitting last Friday four children that I plan to babysit during the summer. They know that I have diabetes, I assume their parent's attempted to explain it to them before, plus I told them the first day I babysat them after being diagnosed. To me, it's amazing how much children really know. I didn't know how children would react to me having diabetes. For a child to watch a person put a needle in their stomach, or prick themselves for blood. I know grown people who can't watch me do these things so I just had no idea.

The children are so understanding despite their young age. They are always asking me questions about what I can and can't eat and how much I can eat. On Friday the children were sitting around the table eating their
McDonalds watching cartoons. The youngest of 4 years old comes up to me holding a single fry in his small hands. "Can you have this one?" he asked me. It made me laugh because he was a four year old who some how understood that I could only eat so much.

We are all on a learning curve, every single one of us. Through our lives we retain so much information and
experience that we could each write an interesting novel about what we know and how we know it. I think it is so important to take every opportunity that is handed to you. I didn't realize this until I was diagnosed. I never thought about how important it was to participate, push yourself and go beyond your limits.

It's almost like I took what I had and just sat with it. I want to be able to say I did what I wanted to do plus more. Clinton and I have entered a Mud Run, something I would have never even thought of. But when I saw it advertised in Chloe's F
acebook status I knew that I was going to do this. I want to say I did it! I want to be able to tell people about it and share the experience with Clinton. I hope everyone realizes how important it is to live your life to the fullest.


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