Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I Know How You Feel

I know that despite being surrounded by other people all the time, we all get the feeling that in the end we are alone. It's hard when people say, "You're not alone, I understand," when you know that really they have no idea what you're feeling or what you're going through. Even if someone is in the same boat as you whether it be one pregnant woman to another or in my case one diabetic to another, it still isn't the same.

Everyone goes through different emotions, changes and choices when dealing with things in their lives. No matter how hard people try to relate it will never be fully understood about how you exactly feel. Being a juvenile diabetic, I don't have as many people to relate with directly. Yes, I've made lots of friends that are type 1 but in my day to day life, I'm surrounded by non diabetics or type 2's. I try not to get mad when I am incredibly tired and I am too stubborn to give myself a needle and someone says, "oh I know how you feel."

I think it's human nature to relate to people. Think about the times that your friend was upset or someone lost someone close and you said, "I know how you feel," when really you had no idea. It's comforting to hear those words for most people.

I know that it's hard for me to even grasp how I feel. I change how I feel towards my diabetes each and every day, every hour, minute, I feel different. I've realized that when people say, "I know how you feel," that they are just being understanding, despite not knowing exactly what you're going through, their heart is open and caring for whatever support you may need. I understand that this 'saying' is simply one of the many phrases we use as best friends, mothers and guardians.


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