Wednesday, May 6, 2009


There is always that little something that is always on our mind. No matter how hard we try to brush it away it keeps following us. Many of us struggle with these thoughts and try to find ways to forget them or at least keep our mind off of them for at a few moments so that we can accomplish our daily chores.

I like to think of my blood sugar as my shadow. No matter where I go, there is always a constant reminder that my blood sugar will be following me. Not only is their a reminder that I can go low or high at any given moment I am also reminded that I am in charge. Unlike most people's bodies who can create their own insulin, I am in charge of acting like my pancreas. I give myself insulin shots according to what I eat or the amount of activity I do. Nobody expects that they would be having to mimic a body part, it just doesn't seem normal when you think about it.

What is normal? I worry about my blood sugar and I worry about the effects that having type 1 diabetes has on my life. Although I eat healthier, appropriately and I engage in physical activity, there are strong complications that are linked to having diabetes. Despite my strong efforts to be at a 'normal' blood sugar level, I have not succeeded.

I will admit that it is more than frustrating to wake up high, knowing that today isn't going to be the day that you are 'normal' I get so frustrated that I wonder what could I possibly do to reduce my blood sugar. If I don't eat I can go too low, if I over work my body I can run into some serious issues.

I know that diabetes will be my shadow for life. No matter where I go, how old I am, how I feel, I will worry about my diabetes. The important thing is that I am prepared.


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