Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Called

The most common question I get is regarding how I knew I had diabetes. In fact I have received many, many messages in my inbox regarding whether or not I thought they had diabetes. The truth is, I can't diagnose you. I couldn't even diagnose myself despite having symptoms beyond symptoms. I know what I went through before being diagnosed and I'd love to share them but in the end the doctors are the people you should depend on.

In my case, my mom suggested seeing a doctor. She grew up with a mother who always was checking if her three daughters were diabetics simply because their grandfather was a type 2 diabetic that depended on insulin. Since my mom knew the symptoms, when mine started to arise and become more apparent she knew that I should get tested.

For about two months + before being diagnosed I had no idea what my body was up too. So many things were changing so quickly that I couldn't really keep up enough to realize what was happening. I lost thirty pounds, so my clothes were too baggy, nothing fit and all I could think of was how good I must be doing at the gym. I began to drink lots and lots of water and milk. I would stand with the fridge open and a cup in my hand and just pour. I wouldn't close the door because I knew that once the first glass was finished I wanted another. I often thought that I was going crazy. I was drinking so much liquids that I was constantly going the washroom. It was so frustrating because I could not get through a half hour sitcom without having to pee at least five times.

I remember asking a friend, "how much do you pee in a day?" The weirdest question I have probably ever asked her in the thirteen years I've known her. I just knew that something was wrong with me, all of a sudden I was thirsty, hungry and losing weight. The hunger was strange. It would come at the weirdest times. My deepest secret was around 4:00 a.m when I would sneak down to the kitchen to drink two drinking boxes and eat a chocolate pudding. I never told anyone because here I was losing a tremendous amount of weight and sneaking food at the wee hours of the morning. It just wasn't right.

For about two months of my life I felt like the world had tipped upside down and all of sudden I changed. I went from wanting to eat healthy to dipping my french fries in honey. I went the washroom so much that I forgot what it was like to pee only a few times a day. I had no idea what my body was trying to tell me, I had no idea that the more I waited and let this get out of control the sicker I was getting.

I can remember the day that I booked the appointment to see the doctor like it was yesterday. I was sitting around, just got out of the washroom for the 6th time and I thought, maybe I should call the doctor like mom said. I debated in my head because I really didn't feel like calling making an appointment then having to drive their in a couple days just to get my blood taken. Something inside me told me to just do it, get it over with. I called. I recall telling the secretary that I wanted a blood test taken because my mom thinks I have signs of high blood sugar. This meant absolutely nothing to me.

Now I wonder what would have happened if I waited a little longer? What if my sugars ran a little higher, my body changed a little more? Would I still be as healthy as I am today? Would I still be here?

It's one of those things that I will never know and I am glad that I never found out. I think that it is so important for anyone who thinks something is wrong with their body to seek attention. Whether it's a strange cut, mark, cough, cold, it doesn't hurt to check.


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