Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Me?

Juvenile Diabetes doesn't care who you are. It doesn't care if you're a child or adult and it could care less about your ambitions and goals. It seems every person that is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes asks themselves why me? You think of what you have planned for your future, how well you've lived before diabetes and the good deeds you did throughout your life so why you? Was it because you picked on a kid in grade five or the fact that you never put your dirty dishes away, what could possibly have made me deserve this?

I went through this phase. It only lasted one night. I remember sitting down in the basement with my boyfriend, I felt fine until I really thought about, why me? I really have always tried to give 100% in life and I never really thought I was a bad person or that I wasn't living up to my potential. I remember between sobbing I said, "I volunteer, I help out, I never have gotten into any serious trouble."

I realized after I had put my tears away and began to talk it out that being a good person has nothing to do with being diagnosed with diabetes. Juvenile Diabetes is a disease that is triggered for a reason that doctors can't quite point out yet. It is a disease that not only effects your pancreas but it also effects your emotions. It's so important to realize that it is going to be a tough journey and that there will be days when you sit and think why me? but what you have to know is why you?

So I say, why me? I was diagnosed with diabetes because I am an independent and positive person. I know that I can change the idea of diabetes and help many people that are going through the same ups and downs that I go through every single day. I have realized that diabetes has given me the gift of speech, not only am I inspiring those living with type 1 but I am inspiring people that are in no way connected to this disease. I teach people patience's, kindness and the ability to live life to the fullest. I was picked because we need a happy face to represent diabetes and to show that behind the needles, pricking and food moderation's these is a life of happiness and success.


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