Monday, May 25, 2009

What Means the Most

I always wondered with all the things in life, what really means the most? Is it our plasma televisions, swimming pools, ipods, clearance racks at the mall? There are so many things in our lives that get us excited and really have become such a big part of how we perceive life and go about living.

I thought that I couldn't live without my lap top,
pvr and make up among many other things. It seems that I am always doing something on my computer whether it be facebook or blogging. PVR isn't exactly something everyone has yet but to me, not being able to rewind through commercials seems like torture and it's hard for me to truly feel beautiful without putting on a touch of mascara. I really, truly thought that life without these things would be hard.

Who knew that this
mentality was only a couple months ago. In a short time I realized that pvr, laptops and makeup really isn't what makes us happy and gives us the extra 'umph' to be inspired, motivated and content with who we are and what we have. I embrace the friends and family that surround me more than I have ever before. It seems the importance of these material things look mighty smaller compared to love and passion that I am rewarded with from the great friends and family I have.

PVR is great for when you are tired of hearing about the newest cleaning product or vacuum cleaner but think of how great it is to meet up with a good friend, share a laugh and just be yourself. I've learned that despite being very lucky to have my own car, laptop, and other material things ,that there are so many other gifts in my life that didn't come with a price tag only a lot of dedication and love.

I know that there will never be a time where we all part with our
ipods or the designer purses but I defiantly hope that there is a time when we realize just how amazing it is to have such amazing friends and family.


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