Monday, February 6, 2012

When I was Eighteen....

Before diabetes I was eighteen years old.  I had graduated from high-school and planned to go back an extra semester to take math.   I lived with my parents, my sister and my dog. I was a 'normal' teen who enjoyed creative writing and partying.

I only attended three doctors appointments in a one year, dentist, eye doctor and one physical.  I only saw my own blood if I accidentally got a paper cut or while chopping some veggies.  I knew that carbs were something, but I had no idea what carbs did, nor did I know that milk had carbs.

I hardly ever got blood work.  I never talked to so many specialist.  I ate whatever I wanted and when I wanted and I could go for a  run without any concern.  My bras were not packed full of supplies, I didn't wear 23 inches of tubing 24/7.  When I had a headache, I just had a headache and when I wanted pie, I just had pie.

Now I am here, twenty one years old. I am in University and plan to get my masters. I live with 4 other roommates and a dog.  I am a 'normal' diabetic who enjoys creative writing and partying, motivational speaking, and outdoor adventures.

I attend a lot of doctors appointments in one year, dentist, eye doctor, physicals, endocrinologist and D.E.C. I see my own blood at least four times a day. I know exactly what carbs are and what they do to me, and I know that milk has 12 grams of them.

I often have to get blood work. I've talked to a lot of different specialists. I eat whatever I want, and whenever I want and I do have a few concerns when I go for a run. My bras are sometimes packed with glucose tabs, a pump and a meter. I wear 23 inches of tubing 24/7. When I have a headache, I check my sugar and when I want pie, I take insulin.


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