Friday, February 3, 2012

via Broken Pancreas

When I was diagnosed I instantly was connected with Type 1's. Although the process was slow at the start, eventually my Facebook list was growing with friend's status updates about high blood sugars and pump malfunctions. I found myself becoming a part of a community, that a few months prior I knew nothing about.  Now, almost three years later I am immersed in it all and it seems natural to know so many people that are just like me in one way or another.

Unfortunately, it isn't as common to just be instantly connected via broken pancreas; rather, a lot of type 1's out there do not know many others living with diabetes and from what I heard, it can be quite daunting. When you think that you're the only one living with a disease in your household or community - the whole framework of living with diabetes is shifted.

For me, I am inspired every single day when I log into Facebook and see all the type 1's that I know are living the diabetes routine, or when my 'diabetic buddies' text me about how they are walking into an exam with a low reservoir.    I know that checking my blood sugar is not always the first thing I want to do when I wake up, but the motivation of knowing others are doing the exact same thing - keeps me going!

Yesterday I came home from a Western Diabetes meeting feeling giddy and well, Michelle could tell you, I was dancing around.   I had an amazing experience - which is going to be hard to fully explain and for anyone else to imagine - I guess!   When I first joined this club, I realized that there wasn't really that many Type 1's in the group and then I learned that many Type 1's weren't joining because they wanted more of a 'support' group than an organized donation drive.    (A combination of both is perfect!)

I decided that there are a bunch of Type 1's that are looking for something that I can provide them. I have no problem gathering us all together and working towards creating those networks. So, I got a taste of what I was getting started at this last meeting when I stood up and said what some of my ideas were, then after meeting with the Type 1's that did join the group.

Now, I know what it is like to be around Type 1's (I just spent a weekend with over 50...)  So, this experience was probably different for every Type 1 that was there.  But, I began to realize that most of them did not really know that many diabetics and hadn't really had the chance to unite!

As we spent a good chunk of time all standing around, talking about who was on what pump and how long we have had diabetes...I felt well, amazing.  I felt like I could really connected a bunch of Type 1's in the London area that at one point felt alone in their disease.  I knew that I was on to something (nothing new, because so many amazing people are doing this in their own areas) But, I knew that taking this initiative was going to be well worth it now.

I'm excited for what is to come in the London Diabetic Community - I wouldn't doubt that it can be amazing.


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