Monday, February 20, 2012

Other Halves

Living with diabetes isn't a one woman/man job.  Like a child, it takes a village to keep the diabetic going.   It's funny because we all seem to have stories about how non diabetics approach our diabetes or have taken on the role of being the other half of our broken pancreas. 

We need our second half to be our go-getter, go get some sugar, go get my meter, go get my insulin.  We need them to understand our diabetes and know that asking us if we can eat things is the fastest way to get a high blood sugar reaction minus the actual high blood sugar.  Most of all we need them to give us the support that we need.

Of course, our other halves also need to feel the support and every now and then we can share our low snack with them or let them have a high blood sugar reaction minus the high blood sugar.  It's funny because with time diabetes easily becomes apart of their life just as much as it is yours. They become advocates for diabetes when a person in a coffee shop accidently mixes up type 1 and type 2 diabetes. They also begin to have diabetes related dreams, and then give you advice based on what happened in their dream.  i.e Vince telling me to take my site out before we went for massages.

Our other halves didn't ask for diabetes, heck, we didn't ask for diabetes either, but it's important for us to let them know just how much we appreciate them and we can do that by buying two chocolate bars, so that when you're low, and don't want to share, you can give them a chocolate bar and let them enjoy the perks that come with living with a diabetic.


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