Saturday, February 4, 2012

Walking, Talking, Functioning Pancreas

Sometimes it can be hard to pin point what is causing high or low blood sugar. In the past week I have been trying very hard to becoming a walking, talking, functioning pancreas. Unfortunately, there are no instructions on how to be a pancreas; nor, is there a book, "Being a Pancreas for Dummies."  It's all up to us as diabetics to figure it all out.

For me, I have been attempting to test more (and so far it has been successful!)  I am happy when my sugar is normal; therefore, I am working hard on being in the range of 5-10.    The only difficulties I am running into is going low more often now.  I know that insulin is the solution to high blood sugar, but too much can be, well too much!

Tweaking my sugar/insulin has been almost like a full time job.  Instead of just ordering food, I am ordering food and asking for a nutrition guide.  Instead of just grabbing a snack from the cupboard, I am grabbing a snack and reading the back.   It's all apart of being a diabetic, and sometimes when  no one else is doing it, it's easier to fall into that rut.

I am proud of myself though! My average blood sugar this week is 7.7.  I hope to continue on this way.  It's nice to hear encouragement from others as well. Vince told me that he was proud of me for having such good blood sugars. I guess he likes a happy Kayla too!


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  1. Let's remember one thing Kayla, the pancreas does not make the insulin. It's the islets that are in the pancreas that does. I don't know why the doctors keep on telling people it's the pancreas that makes the insulin when it's the islets. I guess now days the doctors just don't want anyone informed like they did back in 1965 when I was diagnosed.