Thursday, February 2, 2012

Steady and Stable

Although diabetes is never stable, we find ourselves finding steady ground to live out our lives while incorporating diabetes. Unfortunately with diabetes, what works one way doesn't always work the next. You can have a great day of blood sugars and the next fail completely.  But, the important aspect of diabetes is to find some steady ground to work with.

I was sort of distracted in class by this idea of being steady and stable with a disease that is neither of those things.  For me, I have fully accepted my diabetes and the fact that in my lifetime, I may not see a cure. I may live my entire life with diabetes.  That is a thought that I am O.K with.  I am O.K with having to deal with diabetes and I think that comes from the also thought I have which is - I am on stable ground.

This was most evident at Slipstream. When 50+ diabetics sat around talking about diabetes as if it was like talking about the weather.   The younger crowd made jokes about one night stands and diabetes and other things were discussed like wanting to just be around Type 1's all the time.  I realized that here, we aren't discussing the facts that the doctors present to us every 3 months, we are just talking about living with diabetes.

I have found my stable ground knowing that there are many, many Type 1's walking, running, shopping, dating, driving, flying, swimming, diving, and smiling. They, along with all the supportive 5.5'ers are supporting me and providing me with 'life insurance'  knowing that I am going to be O.K and that despite going from 15.8 to a 6.2 in an hour seems unstable - It's O.K!


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