Monday, February 27, 2012

All That Junk

Is there such thing as a quick site change? When I know I have to change my site, it's like preparing for a battle.  First I have to rummage through the fridge to get my insulin (which I keep in a lunch bag) and then I have to dig through my three drawer diabetes supply cart and find a site, an alcohol swab and then a reservoir.

Now that all the supplies are tossed around the desk, it's time to start unwrapping them.  Pulling apart the reservoir package like a cheese string (the packaging is extremely similar) and then opening up the lunch bag, digging through the few vials I keep hidden in there, then ripping apart the site packaging and the alcohol swab.

Then, I have to decide what I am going to do first - site change or filling the reservoir... if I am feeling brave, I tackle the site change, if I feel like I want to waste some time and not put a needle in - I give myself at least a few minutes to relax while I fill the reservoir with insulin. I always leave in my old site until I have a new one just in case it doesn't go in right and I don't want to tackle it again.  Sometimes, if my site has already fallen off - I have to hope that it works the first time.

After a nice site is in my stomach or back, it's time to prime the pump. Letting the insulin fill the tubing so that when I give myself insulin it is ready to go!   This part is easy, you just stand there, holding the pump in one hand, the end of the tubing in the other and wait until the insulin squirts out.   The smell of fresh insulin fills the air - which signals you that you are DONE with the site change.

The first day of a new site is the best.  You know you at least have a couple days without another needle or low reservoir - the only thing that will catch you off guard now is a low battery alert!


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  1. I am a T1, diagnosed in 2010 in my mid-30's. Currently going through the process of getting a pump. Good tip on keeping the old site until the new one is in! Will definately put that into practice.