Saturday, February 18, 2012

Power & Strength

Vince & I on Valentine's Day

It's hard to imagine where I would be had I not been diagnosed with diabetes.  Would I be at Western University? Would I be the person that I am today?  It's hard to say, it seems that diabetes gave me more than a lazy pancreas.  It gave me a voice, courage, strength and a ton of amazing friends. I've really come into my own and the whole idea of the sky is the limit has become a day to day realization.  I have realized that I can achieve more than I had ever given myself credit for, and the more that I achieve, the more I want to push the limits and get out there.

Lately, it has been a world-wind of events for me.  I have found myself becoming a full time diabetic advocate.  Writing the blog, being my main role, as well as  meeting with other organizations and many, many other type 1 diabetic.   I have found so much strength in what I am doing, I know that I was meant to be diagnosed with diabetes and I feel the power to change the face of diabetes and keep those living with diabetes happy with who they are.

I feel honoured to have met the people I have met in my life thus far.  I am almost sad for those who don't have diabetes because I only wish they knew half the people that I have met through this disease.  Each and every diabetic I have met has given me hope in that I can achieve all of my goals + more.

This disease has also showed me sides of 5.5'ers that I would have never seen before.  I am so grateful to have such positive people in my life because that is what keeps me positive and going on as strong as I have been.  I am powerful and I am strong and that is all I need to continue on!


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