Friday, February 24, 2012

D-Pen Pals

It seems that my Facebook friend list contains more broken pancreases than working ones. My newsfeed is always flowing with status updates of, Dear Diabetes... and complaints about low or high blood sugar.  Sometimes, I'll even forget who has diabetes and who doesn't and I end up looking at their profile to figure it out only to be like, oh yes, I met them last year.

It's just amazing to me, how many of us are out there, testing our blood sugars, giving ourselves insulin and cursing diabetes every now and then. But, when I had read something on someone's Facebook about having a pen pal, I immediately began Google searching to find a diabetic from another country that was willing to write to me...yes, hand write.

I stumbled upon a girl from the Barbados, to my surprise there were a few people that were looking for the same thing. I don't even remember where I found her, or how long ago she had posted the request, but I decided to email her and see if she was still interested in having a diabetic pen pal.

She answered back fairly fast and we were both equally excited to begin hand writing letters. She then mentioned adding one another to Facebook and so we did, only to find out we have mutual friends. Okay, Canada and Barbados... not close at all right?  But, the diabetes community seems to be close no matter what country or rock you're living under.    It seems that everyone knows someone with diabetes and if we all figured it out I am sure we would all somehow find that we all know each other through someone.

As much as I tried to dig deep reaching out to google instead of one of my online diabetic community groups - I still ended up finding a friend of a friend.   But, the letter will still come and I am excited about it.  I am looking forward to getting to know someone who lives with diabetes in such a different culture than me.

I think this is the exciting thing about diabetes, we all live with it, but we all live so differently.


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