Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Dreams

I've learned a few things about myself through my journey living with diabetes.  But, more so, I have learned that when I set my mind on something - I set my mind on something.  Since being diagnosed, I have created endless amounts of projects for myself.  I have tried my best to get involved as much as possible and most of all make a difference in the diabetes community.

My dreams are big.  I am always dreaming, thinking and hoping for big things.  I can't help but imagine all the possibilities that can come from dedication.  I know that there are type 1's out there that have no idea that there is support and even if they are aware that there is support - sometimes it is not as easy to access it.

My newest project comes from something I have done on my own - diabetic pen pals!   I was so excited to start writing that I wanted to share the whole concept with the diabetic community - in a few short hours, almost 40 people have decided they like the idea and are ready to start connecting with type 1's their age in all parts of the world.

It's such a great feeling - to know that in some way or another my dreams are taking shape, and forming into bigger and better dreams.


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