Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Friends with Benefits

Never have I had the need to worry about where I will get my insulin from. I never have to worry about if I have enough money to afford blood strips. On a daily basis I don't think about how much my medication costs me because I don't have to pay. But, what happens when I am not a student anymore? and I am over 25 years old?

We are lucky in Canada to have all that we do.  So much that I wish everyone could be so lucky to not have to worry about the cost of insulin.   However, there comes a point when I won't be covered under my mother anymore, I will have to get a job with benefits or, find a 'friend' with benefits!

I thought of it as a online dating ad, where I would list all the qualities I want: " a man that likes long walks on the beach, romantic movies, oh and has great benefits at work that includes insulin, blood strips etc."  Of course, all my fingers are crossed to land a great job after University and once again never have to worry about the cost of insulin or if I have enough money to buy strips - but this issue is all to familiar for many people.

It's kind of scary thought - not having the protection that you need and feeling like diabetes is a true burden.   I have heard stories of people sharing insulin with family members (that are also diabetic) or rationing the amount of supplies that they are using to get the most for their money. It is all too complicated for an already tiring disease.

So, if you are approaching the age of 25 or graduating soon - this must be something that is on your mind.  Should we start storing our insulin like squirrels store their nuts? You just never know when insulin can start looking more like a rare jewel than something that we just knew as always being there for us.



  1. IMHO squirrel away supplies!
    I have been struggling ever since I've been on my own. I live "paycheck to paycheck" never sure when my supply will run out and I'll have to pay out of pocket.
    I've paid out of pocket for months and pretty much went broke.

    SQUIRREL as much as you can.

  2. I agree with Scully!
    I have been paying for EVERYTHING since I graduated college, it sucks. There has been many times in which i had to borrow money for meds and I have to admit that I am one of those people who ration their supplies until the next pay check...and right now, I am not even basically yes, SQUIRREL AWAY!!!

  3. It seems odd to me that this is the case for you guys. If you have any benefits at all, your insulin and test strips should be covered. If you don't have any insurance (because you're not working or your job doesn't offer benefits), you're eligible for Trillium in Ontario or Fair-PharmaCare in BC (presumably there is something similar in other provinces too but those are the only two places I'm familiar with). While you may sometimes have to pay a deductible, I've found that the coverage is very fair (it's based on your income)...