Saturday, February 11, 2012

The 'D' Card

A friend of mine asked me to talk a little bit about using the 'D' card.   The 'D' card refers to using the fact that you are diabetic in order to get something done, something faster or to just get out of something.   I think that this issue is something that can be incredibly debatable and I realize that using a 'disease' as an excuse is not something I go by at all, but sometimes you got to do what you go to do.

Usually when you're about to use the 'D' card you start with either:

"But, I am diabetic..."

"Oh, just to let you know I am diabetic..."

"Or, not sorry, I am diabetic..."

The 'D' card is used widely as just a cop out of eating really gross food.  Someone offers you a brownie and takes back their offer with, "oh sorry, you're diabetic ... you probably shouldn't eat that" and you reply with, "Of course I can eat that! I am diabetic - I can eat anything!" grabbing a yummy hot brownie from their hands.  BUT, as soon as a person hands you a hot steamy plate of anchovy pizza, you tuck your hands in your lap and say, "sorry, I am diabetic, that has too many carbs! I'll just have something else!" Classic 'D' card example.

The 'D' card is also used in emergency situations, and I don't mean when you get to skip the line at the Bulk Food Store (that will come later) but, sometimes when you go to the walk-in or emergency room it doesn't hurt to add you're diabetic.  You never know, this broken ankle, could effect my diabetes.... If it doesn't work - at least you've tried and now you can go sit down with all the rest of the people waiting and read some Reader's digest.

This 'D' card is totally legitimate. When you go low, you need to eat. So, taking something off the shelf, having a bite and paying later - should be a good enough excuse to tell the cashier when you hand over your crumpled KitKat bar wrapper.  "Sorry, I am diabetic and needed something to eat..."

We all have cards that we pull out every now and then - it seems to be just apart of life. We take what we are given and we work with it.  Sometimes you have to have a little fun with the little bumps, twists and turns along your life path. So why not every now and then break out the 'D' card - just think you could be eating brownies and not anchovy pizza, in and out of a walk in in 20 minutes, and eating chocolate bars before you reach the check out line.


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