Monday, April 19, 2010

Within Range

Within the past two weeks I have had about four lows. That is a lot of lows for me since I rarely have them, so I have been trying to see what has been going on that has made my sugar out of whack.

One of the conclusions I have drawn up is that I am drinking a lot of water. Since I started drinking 2L of water a day it has been that way. Another thing is that I have started running and biking which causes my system to get a little mixed up. Hopefully once I start doing this type of fitness regularly my body will get used to it.

Going low could also be because of extra stress. With school wrapping up in the next week I have begun to pack up my things while studying for exams. Although I can never admit or 'feel' stressed - my body knows and shows it.

For anyone who doesn't have any idea what a low is I can try to explain. Going low is when your blood glucose goes below a 5.0. For everyone I believe it has different variations and sometimes a 3.4 can feel different depending on the day. But usually for me a low feels like my whole body is numb and shaky. The shaking usually begins to start in my hands and work its way down. I can feel the shaking in my butt but I am not sure if people can recognize it.

I get incredibly frustrated and quick paced. Everything I do is like a race to get done at this moment and sometimes the race isn't to get sugar - it could be to get supper finished or add a couple more words to my essay. Another thing is that I get incredibly sweaty as if I had done a 45 minute exercise. Sometimes these symptoms are felt at 4.5 but sometime it isn't until a 3.2 do I feel these signs.

Lows are never fun but neither are highs that is why it is so important to stay within range.


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