Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Make Change

Yesterday I did my table out front the bookstore at Fanshawe and made $2.80. I realize that isn't a lot of money but it adds to the already collected amount of around $100.00 from Fanshawe students/staff. Sitting at the table I was more concerned about making people more aware of juvenile diabetes rather than taking their well earned change from them.

I was at the table alone so I had a lot of time to think to myself. As I watched people go by I really realized how much is unknown to the public about type 1 diabetes. I obviously can't expect people to know about diabetes since I once had no clue what the difference between type 1 and type 2 was; however, I was absolutely disgusted by the way some people act towards the word diabetes.

Now, I realize that there are numerous other diseases in the world that are well known and receive a great amount of support financially and socially around the world. Diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. I would never dare make remarks or conclusions about these diseases nor any other diseases because people are struggling every single second of the lives in order to survive these horrible diseases.

So why do people think it's funny to raise awareness about diabetes? Why do people think that diabetes isn't a big deal. I have no clue. I honestly cannot draw up a single conclusion why people would smirk at the idea of raising awareness/money for a disease that effects so many, many people.

I know a lot of people are probably thinking, no one really does this do they? But they do! I observed this! People read the sign that I made: "Dollars for Diabetes [ Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation]" and laugh or make jokes.

An example that happened was that a grown lady asked if she had to donate to get a sucker. I insisted that that was why I had the suckers and she then asked if I had change for a dollar. I couldn't believe that a person would walk up to a donation table for a sucker yet have no particular interest in helping out or even asking questions!

I may be running with this and honestly I do like to joke around and have fun but there comes a point where people need to realize what others go through. I would campaign for anyone that needed my help, whether or not I had the disease or whatever, I know that I would be there to help. But to some people have no interested in any one else but themselves.

I keep saying this but I want to make it very clear that I will do anything in my power to teach the public about juvenile diabetes because not everyone is going to get it, but chances are people are going to run into someone along the path of their lives that has it. We don't all get AIDS or HIV but it's incredibly important to be aware. Just be aware of what is around you and it's okay to be curious.


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