Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good People

There are people out there that are truly great people. People who are willing to lend a hand or make your smile. These people are not looking for anything in return but friendship or just that overall good feeling of helping someone out.

Throughout my life thus far I have met several people like this. Unfortunately this type of person is hard to find because let's face it not everyone has the time or patience to always be on your side. With our busy lives it's hard to set your problems aside and focus on another's.

In my first year of college I have met three people in particular that have shown me an unbelievable amount of helpfulness and kindness. Two happen to be professors and one is a new found friend. These three particular people have been a part of my success in my first year as well as success in many other parts of my life including diabetes.

First is Shannon Maheu, who was my Human Relations professor at Fanshawe. It may have been Keith Urban that made us friends or it could be attributed to her kindness and sincerity. Shannon has put in so much work in order to raise money for JDRF - Team KK. She has really been a great supporter since day one and I couldn't have asked for more from her and her family. In May, Shannon is having a garage sale with all of the profit going towards JDRF. I am looking forward to helping out with that!

Second is another professor at Fanshawe College named Haytham Mahfoud. Ever since I told Prof. Mahfoud that I was diabetic he constantly made sure that I was okay and comfortable. He was very aware of my diabetes which was refreshing since most teachers seemed to file it to the back of their mind. Not only did he make me comfortable with diabetes in the classroom he also helped me with my writing skills more than any teacher in the history of my education. His hard work really paid off and will never be forgotten.

The third great person is someone that I met second semester - that I wish I had met in first! Her name is Justine Peltz and she has been an amazing support system this past semester. Justine has helped me with the JDRF table at Fanshawe. She didn't hesitate to help me out and is always thinking of things she can do to help me even more. Justine and I have a lot in common and at this point I don't know what I would ever do without her as my friend!

There are many great people that I know like I mentioned before, but these three people have impacted me during my first year of college. They all demonstrate just how kind people can be. I thank you three so much and I thank all of the other great people in my life.

I like to think that I am one of those people that would lend a hand no matter!


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