Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Challenges

So I have decided to take on three specific challenges this summer:
1. 5k Mud run
2. Tiathlon
3. The Great Urban Race

I have already done the 5k Mud Run but it was definitely a challenge and I want to accomplish it once again. The second challenge is a Give-it-a-tri Triathlon so it won't be as extreme as a regular one, this one insists of a 2.5 k run, 400 m swim and a 10k bike race. The third challenge is one that I absolutely am so pumped for, it is like the amazing race in Toronto!

These specific challenges are expensive ones. Together they will cost me about $122 BUT I probably would spend that on clothes over the summer so I can think of it that way. Plus once I accomplish these I will feel great about it. I am really excited!

So I can't exactly rush into these without training in some way. I haven't been able to run in awhile so soon as I am done school in two weeks I will be out there practicing. I am getting a brand new bike as well so I can start riding my bike, since I haven't rode a bike in a very long time!

Hopefully these three specific challenges will put my butt into gear as far as fitness. Also, an update on my 2L water drinking experience: so far it is going great! I have done it every single day and have had amazing b/g levels!

Anyways, I am excited about the tree challenges and there is nothing that will stop me from conquering them!


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  1. Don't forget about CitySolve Urban Race!