Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gearing Into Action

As most people are aware I am doing my first triathlon on June 13th 2010! On that day I will have had diabetes for exactly one year and 4 months! For the past two days I have rode my bike in the morning on a 10k route and it has been great. Although I didn't feel much pain yesterday until I got off the bike this morning as soon as I sat down on the bike I felt as if I had been riding for many kilometres already!

With time I am sure it will become easier and easier and as soon as it does I know I will have to push myself harder. Michelle and I are going to swim at the Wayne Gretzky Centre to practice that portion of the race. I am looking forward to doing this triathlon with her even though I am sure she will fly past me!

To me, having the goal of finishing the give-it-a-tri triathlon is a great feeling because each and every day before the race I can push myself to limits that I had never tried before. Rather than getting up and feeling as if I am forcing myself to work out, I am waking up and looking forward to doing some fitness!

I am also going to be working as a full time teacher at the daycare this summer so I will be very busy! Working around that schedule will be a challenge but I know that I can do it! Also I will be getting a pump very soon so this whole summer is going to be one of the biggest journeys of my life to say the least. Thankfully I have all of you to help me along the way!


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