Sunday, April 11, 2010

Get Out There!

The key to living is to live: to live every second without doubts and to cherish those seconds that you will never get back. This key is so incredibly easy but more the half the population still does not know it yet and are struggling in their own lives just to find happiness.

I can't say that it is easy for everyone, and that my way of living will lead anyone to happiness because it simply will not. Some people are the type that happiness is weekends at the bar, or happiness is on the couch watching a good movie but to me happiness comes in many forms.

This unfortunately wasn't realized till a couple months after my diagnosis. Of course the first couple months were a big mumble jumble of figuring out what this 'diabetes' thing was but after that it all sort of sank in. With the help of Clinton, my family/friends and Connected in Motion, I found a place for me that made me feel happy and confident.

I was always known as the shy girl, but anytime I say that to someone now they think I am lying! I have come out of my shell because life isn't as good when you're just getting by. My life is not in no means perfect but I really do have a good time. People probably think that my life must suck having to put needles in my stomach and prick my fingers but honestly it's not too bad.

Yesterday we went to CIM Beach Volleyball tournament in Toronto and it was absolutely amazing. We had such a great time 'trying' to play volleyball. We didn't win but we truly all had a great time that we will never forget . . . including me spiking the ball into my mom's face.

Diabetes is so much more than just a disease. This term that doctor's throw at us, paste on posters and booklets to tell us what is wrong with our bodies. Diabetes may bring with it some extra twists and turns but ultimately diabetes is a community.

This disease has created bonds between people that would otherwise never happen. It has brought diabetics from one side of a town to another, or one side of the world to the other. Diabetes has caused friendships, relationships and unimaginable support systems. If only in the booklet they hand you in the hospital said . . . may increase your support system, friendships, outlook on life as well as overall happiness.

I know there are people out there that are not okay with their disease but trust me you can find this happiness too and if you're in Ontario I can even help you find your happiness a little faster. It all lies within an amazing community. Just get out there and start living.


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